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CounselingNH E-Zine, Issue #010 Back to School
September 09, 2008

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September 9, 2008

Volume 1, Issue #010 Back to School

A Note From Jim

Feature Article: Going Back To School: A Parent's Perspective

A Note From Jim:

Hi, Jim here, with the next in our series of timely biweekly E-zines. Most articles that are written on the subject of parenting actually describe in detail the needs of the child. Parents are then encouraged to meet the children’s needs utilizing several strategies. While this article will accomplish this, more attention than usual will be devoted to the position and experience of the parent.


Going Back To School: A Parent's Perspective

Despite several humorous television ads depicting the return to school by children as being the end of their vacation and the beginning of a well deserved holiday period for the parents, nothing in fact could be further from the truth. Once past the pre-school purchasing of clothes, book bags, lunch boxes and supplies parents send their students off to a wide variety of school settings throughout our land. The playgrounds are quiet, the back yards empty, and the houses are hushed. It’s like the lull before a storm. Then in unison the children return home with news about their first day! There are new stories about old friends, descriptions of expectations and future work to be done. Also, for many parents, there are the missing pieces, the gaps of understanding and the beginning parts of misperceptions that launch parents into their first mission of the year. They begin a detective like search for accurate information. Around this time parents begin to asses their children’s readiness to begin the school year. They question the youngsters about their intended strategies, their “plan of attack.” Parents ask their kids how they intend to “break down” the tasks ahead of them. Much to their dismay they are met with blank looks, vacant stares and/or attitudes of disinterest. About this time parents begin to realize that another school year has begun, they envy their children’s position of eager, bright eyed optimism without intrepidation and they fear what the future has in store for them. It is our hope that this article will provide parents with some tips, strategies and hope.

Parents need to remember that schools have done this before even though parents are starting from scratch. Mom and dad should look early towards the schools for information. Some parents are afraid that they or their children will be looked at askance or judged if they ask too many questions early in the school year. You will probably be asking questions about the things perplexing to many parents. Also, please remember that anything you do is modeling behavior for your children. As a parent you want to model the asking of questions to be better prepared for the school year. Parents also need to remember that both they and their children have made it through previous years together and they will make it through this year together as well. Even the first grader has some experiences of adjusting to new situations and learning that can be generalized to the year ahead. The most important part of the process is that parents and children work cooperatively together in the same direction with positive attitudes. The children need to feel supported and encouraged. They need to believe that they can do the work. They need to be able to tolerate their own mistakes, learning curves and their need to struggle at times in order to learn.

When a child has a learning difficulty the beginning of the school year is likely to be more difficult and trying than it is for other students. The child may be nervous and anxious along with being excited about the new school year. The parents are likely to be afraid of what the school year will bring into the family for issues. It’s even more important for these parents to maintain faith in their child and themselves to work together towards learning. It’s critical for these parents to communicate with the schools early in the academic year. This child’s parents are the adults with the most cumulative knowledge about this child’s learning style, capacity and vulnerabilities. It is crucial that the parent work cooperatively with the school to assist them in getting to know how to best work with the child. The parent of a normal learner serves as a scout, tutor, cheer leader and organizer. The parent of a child with learning disabilities serves in all of these capacities and also as an advocate for their child being taught in the manner most productive for him/her. The next several E-zines will be devoted to parents participating in their children’s education. If there are some topics in this area you would like to be able to read about, please let us know. If you have concerns about whether you are participating in your child’s educational experience in the most beneficial manner possible, please feel free to contact our office and consult with us. Until next time, Jim Foster

Recommendations:Parent Success Program What a great way to begin the school year. Our Parent Success Program is a skills based course in parenting. The course covers everything from birth to adulthood. It is a discussion based class where parents are able to talk about challenges that they are encountering along their parenting journey. Parents need a place to discuss, learn and be encouraged. The more involved a parent is increases the liklihood of raising happy and well adjusted children. Our goal is to help,guide and nurture parents so they in turn will confidently help, guide and nurture their children. Please call our office to inquire about your Parent Success Program.(603)668-7744. Parents may attend any or all of the classes. Please see the curriculum in the parenting section of our website

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Jim Foster

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