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CounselingNH E-Zine, Issue #014 Plan Your Holiday Cheer
November 04, 2008

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November 4, 2008

Volume 1, Issue #014 Plan Your Holiday Cheer

A Note From Jim

Feature Article: Plan Your Holiday Cheer

A Note From Jim:

Hi, Jim here. Now that we are passed Halloween we're at the very beginning of the holiday season. With this there is the anticipation of fun, family rituals and memorable times. One of the many trappings this season brings is "holiday cheer” or the drinking of alcoholic beverages. This E-zine is dedicated to the review of some risks and concerns of and assistance for alcohol abuse.

Plan Your Holiday Cheer

While drinking in moderation may be enjoyable and even fun it comes with risk. It alters the person's emotional state and may affect the individual's perceptions of people or endeavors. These changes instantly and cumulatively effect the individual. The instant changes include a state of euphoria that is already decreasing from the time its first occurring. People have consumed large amounts of alcohol "chasing the high." This sensory experience however occurs usually at the end of the first drink or early during the second and will not return without an intervening period of complete sobriety.

Drinking alcohol diminishes anxiety. While this may be momentarily desired, regular and consistent drinking diminishes the individual's capacity to tolerate anxiety. This emotional state is self limiting until the person finds and relies on an alternative method of using alcohol, drugs, food or excessive exercise to lessen the anxiety for them. The problem with these methods is that they are temporary and require more of the same to reachieve the desired effects. Since people's bodies adjust to changes the person will, over time, require an increase in the amount of substance or exercise in order to achieve the same results. This phenomenon is referred to as the development of tolerance.

There is interactive effect overtime between the person's alcohol consumption and psychological state. Some drinkers become needy, blaming, hyper-reactive, suspicious and/or angry when they drink. After years of drinking the person may experience lapses in memory of the times that their psychological states were altered, especially if their altered state includes aggression or violence. This phenomenon is called a black out.

If you have concerns about a friend or loved one you should voice them immediately. If you find yourself hesitating to talk with that person, your in trepidation may be the strongest indicator of a problem. If you believe that your relationship will come to an end or be interrupted if you talk to them this is likely a very serious indicator that a problem exists. Conversely, if someone mentions their concerns about your drinking you should take this very seriously. If you experience any questions about your relationship with alcohol you should listen to yourself.

Alcohol abuse can be very insidious. It can very gradually advance and be disguised as fun or partying or even as "holiday cheer". We welcome questions at our office at any time from you about your alcohol consumption. If you have serious concerns we recommend you to obtain an alcohol evaluation by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor for your own edification. This can represent the beginning of a commitment to change or an "alcohol check" that can be compared to a later check. Individuals use this concept to track various physical diseases. We recommend that individuals track a possible disease that may not only affect their own health, well being, longevity, level of functioning, and happiness but the lives of all those who love and depend on them.

All the best, Jim Foster

_________________________________________________________________ Recommendations:

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Anyone who is concerned about their own relationship with alcohol or drugs, we recommend that they obtain a alcohol and drug evaluation. Appropriate programs will be provided. We provide services for adolescents and adults.

Parent Success Program Our Parent Success Program is a skills based course in parenting. The course covers parenting from birth to adulthood. It is a discussion based class where parents talk about challenges that they are encountering along their parenting journey. Parents discuss, learn and are encouraged. The more involved a parent is increases the liklihood of raising happy and well adjusted children. Our goal is to help,guide and nurture parents so they in turn will confidently help, guide and nurture their children. Please call our office to inquire about your Parent Success Program.(603)668-7744. Parents may attend any or all of the classes. Please see the curriculum in the parenting section of our website

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All the Best,

Jim Foster

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