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Positive and constructive parenting is probably the most important, difficult and rewarding experience we will ever encounter. The training we normally receive to do this all important work occurs in bits and pieces. Parents learn through memories of their own childhood, through the advice and criticism of their family and friends, through the media, reading and their own experiences of parenting.

James J. Foster & Associates has developed a parent success program which is a repeating class consisting of ten separate and distinct modules. A person can begin attending at any point, attend ten consistent classes and receive the full benefit of the class. The curriculum focuses on critical issues, and problem areas frequently identified by parents. The information currently available and the contributions of several disciplines have been blended so that a pertinent, dynamic and sound program could be provided to parents.

In some instances, a parent may be experiencing an issue where  he/she would benefit individualized work is warranted. These parents are welcome to schedule appointments to examine and explore their parenting experience, perspectives, problems and goals as they work towards finding solutions while progress is usually noted without the child(ren) being treated, this format gives the parents and counselor the opportunity of considering whether or not this treatment is indicated.

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