Anger Management

Anger Management is a new age psychological and legal term that refers to a wide variety of situations, conditions and interventions. Many individuals voluntarily seek assistance for help with their impulsive behavior, mood disorder or reactive aggression. Courts frequently refer individuals for evaluations and services for a wide range of crimes. These crimes may include road rage, purse snatching, assault, criminal threatening or any number of violent crimes. Work places frequently refer employees due to outburst, threatening gestures or concerns about aggressive behavior. When an person is seen initially for an anger management evaluation or assessment their situation and psychological presentation is reviewed. Their family, medical,legal and educational background is reviewed. A mental status examination is utilized to assess current functioning. A diagnostic study is carefully made. In some cases, the person's behavior stems from a diagnosed condition or pathology. In other cases the individual may have utilized aggressive behavior as a way of managing their relationships. In either case, the meaning of their behavior is used together with any applicable diagnosis in the development of a treatment plan. This plan may range from individual psychotherapy to an educational service. When this case has been mandated by the courts or probation ongoing reports are sent to the mandating authority throughout the duration of the program. This program whether treatment or education is designed to assist people in identifying triggers, causes and or precedents to their volatile emotional states. Remedies are discussed, taught and practiced throughout the course of the intervention.

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