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James Foster & Associates Provide teenager counseling services for a wide range of problem areas.  Mental health issues and problems for teens frequently present in a more dramatic fashion than children's issues because the teen's problems reflect their developmental issues and their capacity for severe behavior. On one hand teenagers are eagerly racing toward adult life and insist on independence, yet on the other hand they continue to need the connection, direction and guidance that they had earlier in life. Without connections with appropriate adults, the teen will be extremely vulnerable to the influence of peers. For teens who did not receive the expected connection, direction and guidance they should of had in childhood their teenage years are likely to be troubled. Treatment is offered to adolescents in the hopes of providing a helpful and meaningful connection, direction and guidance. Many of the problems of chief concern include:

Teenager Counseling Service Areas

-Disruptive Behaviors

-Violence Interventions for Dating Teenagers

-Suicidal Behaviors

-Running Away

-Sexual Acting Out

--Social Phobia

-Peer Problems

-Eating Disorders

-Emergence of Severe Pathology

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