Teen Sexual Acting Out

Both males and females have been known to become sexually active from the age of twelve or thirteen. Sometimes their behavior is a reflection of what they've seen or experienced in their homes. Other times, their behavior is a function of peer pressure and expectations of sexual performance. Teens are also subject to significant developmental stress. Girls who have not felt accepted by other girls at the onset of adolescence may find themselves to be pursued and desired by boys as they begin to physically develop. Boys who have not been able to relate on a male interest level to other boys may find themselves to be revered and envied as sexual pioneers. There are many specific motivations for sexual activity among teenagers. Despite any explanations and understandings available to the parents, teenage sexual activity should be discouraged. It is not only a risk for pregnancy and disease but is likely to negatively impact the full psychological development of sexuality in adulthood. Premature sexual activity is more often than not a compensation for unmet emotional needs. Also, sexual activity in adolescence often clouds relational issues making it difficult for teens to learn about themselves, their intended partners or relationships in general.

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