Risk Management

Risk management is an internal quality assurance process used at this agency to assess the mental health status of clients with multiple issues, multiple treatment plans and/or serious diagnosis.  Certain cases are identified, tracked and discussed among the agency clinicians to ensure that the treatment is as thorough, methodical, systematic and  well planned as possible.

 Cases are referred internally for risk management consideration. Due to the high concern by the referring party of an extreme diagnosis and/or as a result of a serious occurrence in the course of the client's treatment, risk management may be necessary. 

Clients are always informed when their cases have been selected to be included in the risk management process.  At times, risk management involves the development of a specialized contract with the client.  The client's compliance with this contract may be required in order for them to remain in treatment. 

A risk management meeting is held on a regular basis during which every risk management case is discussed. The risk management program allows this agency to work safely and constructively in difficult situations and also allows the staff to offer a multi-disciplinary approach in specific cases.

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