Family Counseling and Therapy 

Family counseling and therapy services includes several modalities of treatment.  They have been used in the Mental Health field for years. Originally family therapy meant that every family member attended every session. Today, family therapy is frequently used in a different manner. Entire family sessions are used at times as diagnostic tools to determine themes of leadership, family alliances and communication patterns or other dynamics that may be a key factor in assisting a family in improving its functioning. Ongoing family treatment may subsequently occur with specific family members, individually or in small groups. Full family sessions may also be used to process significant events, make decisions or to address an issue that is at hand. 

Most family therapy that occurs today in our offices is done with a sub-set of family members. This may include a parent and child, a sibling group, specific members of a blended family or certain members in a family of divorce. These treatments are used to address relationship issues, processes or events that interfere with optimum family functioning. Please see our links for specific indications for family treatment as well as expected courses of counseling. 

Family Counseling  and Therapy:  
Areas of Treatment

-Identified Patient

-Family Scapegoat

-Blending Families

-Newly Divorced Families

-Parenting Between Households

-Sibling Rivalry

-Medical Issues

-Aging/Elderly Family Members

-New Baby

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