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James Foster & Associates provides counseling for medical issues of family members.  We understand how difficult it is to experience grief of a loved one who becomes ill.  We want to jump in and care for them to get them back on their feet and back to themselves.  Sometimes, the patient and the family are given difficult news of a diagnosis that requires longer care and/or a terminal diagnosis.  This news can be devastating for all involved.  The patient is personally affected by the illness as it changes how they interact with the world.  The family members are impacted as well.  Caring for a family member may mean that they take on more responsibilities and this can create a lot of stress and anxiety coupled with feelings of grief and worry.  

Counseling is available for both the patient and family members.  It is important for all involved to be able to process their feelings, thoughts and beliefs about their situation.  It is also important that care takers do also care for themselves.  Caretakers will better serve their loved ones when they can take time to de-stress and renew.  This can be helpful to seek counseling in order to process feelings of grief, stress and worry and to develop a plan that will help them through a difficult time.  

Our counselor's at James Foster & Associates provide compassionate counseling in a comfortable and private setting.  Schedule an appointment.

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