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Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety counseling is offered in our Manchester, NH office in a private and caring setting. Anxiety is the most painful of the mental health disorders. Sometimes it occurs as a stand alone disorder or as one of many symptoms of a separate disorder such as PTSD, depression or bi-polar disorder. The feelings associated with anxiousness are extremely uncomfortable. If a person was tied down on a railroad track with a large engine coming toward them at 80 mph they would exhibit symptoms of fear. Their pulse would quicken. Their breathing would become shallow and rapid. They might experience numbness and tingles in the extremities. They would have a cold sensation in the abdominal area, a feeling of pressure in the chest to name only a few of there symptoms. Anxiety is all of this without the track or the engine. 

Source of Symptoms

Sometimes the source of the anxious feeling is clear to the individual. Other times it is a mystery. The symptom may be generally persistent or primarily associated with specific triggers such as driving or riding in elevators. The symptoms may begin at any point of life or may end at any time. They are own internal alarm systems that are trying to let us know that something is wrong.  When anxiety occurs as a PTSD symptom, it may be severe and debilitating prohibiting the individual from participating in normal life events.

About Anxiety Treatment

Everyone has experienced momentary fleeting nervousness in the course of daily living, however, if the symptoms are extreme, persistent or out of context with ones expected emotional experience,help should be sought to explore the nature and cause for these feelings. Whenever possible, it is recommended that it be treated with little or no medication. Untreated anxiety disorders are the root motivators behind many addictions, violent crimes as well as problems in the workplace, relationships, school and socially.  Increasingly, specific techniques are utilized in the therapy setting to help the client establish some control over the severity of the anxiety symptoms.  

Following a thorough assessment the client in counseling will be helped to explore the origins of their symptoms. They will be assisted in developing new patterns, strategies and coping methods that will decrease symptoms during their daily functioning.  At James Foster & Associates our professional staff uses an integrated counseling, utilizing psycho-dynamic, CBT and a relational approach.

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