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The field of alcohol and drug counseling has been greatly influenced by an individual by the name of Prochaskah. He asserted that individuals at different stages of recovery warranted substantially different focuses in their treatment. Individuals referred by others may not be seriously considering recovery as they may not perceive themselves as having a problem. These people are referred to as being precontemplative in their recovery and one likely to be receptive to educational material only. Those who view themselves as having a problem but are not quite ready to commit to their recovery are contemplative clients. These individuals will be examining their lives as a function of substance abuse. Those seeking abstinence and beginning to relearn how to live without substances are in the change phase of treatment. They will be coping with newly reacquired emotions, racing thoughts and profound growth. People beyond this stage are in the maintenance stage where they focus on relapse prevention strategies and growing beyond their addiction. Recovery is viewed as a life long process. The staff a James Foster & Associates encourage individuals to participate in an appropriate rehabilitation center and 12 step programs. 

Treatment Approach at James Foster & Associates

The alcohol and drug counseling at James Foster & Associates occurs as a specialized form of psychotherapy.  Interpersonal and family dynamics that were precipitants to substance abuse are explored with the client. Information is provided along the way related to the recovery process.  The client is also assisted in reentering their lives following a period of abuse or addiction.  In severe situations, the client is encouraged to become simultaneously involved with other supportive treatments while undergoing psychotherapy in our office.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact-us here for a counseling appointment.

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