Anxiety Based Disorders In Children

Anxiety disorders in children, as in adults stems either from a combination of genetic propensity and/or environmental stressors. These stressors may occur either as the function of the absence of an important developmental support such as structure and consistency or it may occur as a result of persistent trauma such as an alcoholic parent frequently raging in the home. Anxiety is viewed as resulting from a premature separation and/or the absence of control over ones own life. This symptom itself is a warning bell to the individual that something is amiss. At times, the bell takes on a life of its own and dominates the individual who will do what ever seemingly works in order to limit the ringing of the bell. Their coping with stress may range from withdrawing to severe acting out. They may develop serious rituals that provide them with some relief or they may incessantly talk about their fears in the hopes of finding solutions to them. Commonly occurring diagnosis include: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Transient Tick Disorder. The treatment/counseling of the youngster at James Foster & Associates involves an exploration of the symptoms through discussion, play and activity with the goal of assisting the client in mastering the painful feelings associated with the symptoms. This mastery occurs either in the form of finding a more effective coping mechanism or developing an increased tolerance for normal daily negative emotions.