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Careers make up a significant part of peoples lives. The choices made, the training obtained and the jobs pursued greatly impact the degree to which individuals are successful and feel fulfilled. When problems occur in careers, they are likely to be in one of three areas. These include the capacity to work, the choice of career or the ability to optimally respond to daily challenges. 

The capacity to work includes the individual's physical state and psychological preparedness. The person's ability to accept authority, cooperate with others, focus on laborious tasks and delay gratification is learned in the family during childhood. If this is the area of difficutly being encountered, individual treatment and/or vocational rehabilitation may be indicated. 

A person's optimal choice of a career can be a complicated process. Supportive counseling, career coaching and/or aptitude testing is likely to be helpful. 

A person being the best that they can be on the job or anywhere in life for that matter can be accomplished through therapy and/or coaching. Therapy is indicated when a person's internal struggles or conflicts hold them back. Coaching applies when a person is focusing on the enhancement of their performance. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact us.

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