Child Witness of Domestic Violence

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hildren are always, constantly and persistently learning. Sometimes they learn by direct instruction and other times by seemingly absorbing information. Children may directly view domestic abuse or simply live in a household where it is present. In either case they are directly affected by it. They learn inappropriate gender rules to solve social issues with the use of force and also that some people have more or less intrinsic value than others. Due to their identification with their parents we find no substantive difference between children who receive and those who view abuse. Child witnesses of abuse frequently develop clinical symptoms including anxiety, social phobia and depression as well as symptoms of trauma. A child's development, self perception, self esteem, feelings of safety and security as well as thier general feelings of well being are affected by their witnessing of domestic violence. Children identify with the abuser, the abuse or the victim. This in turn influences the child in their choice of relationships in the future or the manner in which they conduct themselves in relationships. 

If your child is or has been a witness to domestic violence have him or her evaluated by a qualified professional. It is likely that an appropriate course of treatment will be recommended.  Contact Us for an appointment

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