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Our office provides caring and confidential therapy for depression in our Manchester, NH office. Depression is the most frequently diagnosed mental health disorder that is treated on an outpatient basis today. Anyone can and most people have experienced depression at one time or another in their lives. Sometimes depression is short lived and presents with minimal symptoms. It may not even be recognized as depression. Other times it is longer lasting and even debilitating. Depression stems from one of a number of causes. Depression is frequently an individual's response to events, occurrences or processes that the individual cannot accept. It may also be the result of medical condition, side effect of medication or a genetic tendency that runs through some families. Depression itself is experienced in several ways. It presents as overwhelming fatigue, lethargy, lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest, deficit in concentration and memory. Depression is also experienced at times with a great deal of agitation, ruminating thinking, symptoms of anxiety, physical distress, weight gain and weight loss. Symptoms also include tearfulness, irritation, temper tantrums, social withdrawal and sexual dysfunction.


It becomes important to distinguish between organic and functional depression. Organic is related to the body and regarding depression, may be related to genetic endowment, physical conditions, medications, injuries and aging to name a few. Functional depression is psychologically based and occurs in anticipation or in response to an event or process. Depression is to the mind what shock is to the body. A compound fracture in an accident results in an individual losing an awareness of the details going on around them. No one location hurts, rather the whole body feels somewhat uncomfortable. The senses are numbed and decrease in their functioning. Blood runs towards the thorasic cavity and the individual moves toward a hibernetic state for the purposes of survival. When an individual becomes depressed, they take in less information and data than usual. They forget many details and obligations in their daily functioning. They move toward a slow moving lethargic state in which they can only accomplish the bare necessities of life. They are moving toward a mentally hibernetic state. 

Depression may be experienced as a nuisance by some and a debilitation by others. It can interfere with the maintenance of our relationships, marriages, parenting, effectiveness at school and on the job and our social functioning. 


Depression that last for any period of time should always be assessed by a professional who will first distinguish between functional and organic depression. Functional depression should always be treated through counseling by a qualified professional. Depressed individuals generally respond well to therapy. Medication may also be recommended depending on the severity of the symptoms. Medication should always be seen as a supplement to therapy and not a replacement for it. Organically based depression is likely to require medication. Counseling in the situation should also be used to help the individual to identify and report changing symptoms and responses to medications. At times, counseling is advised for other family members in order to help them understand and proactively participate in the client's recovery.

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