Alcohol and Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse and alcohol related problems occur at epidemic levels in our country today. They are known to begin as early as middle school years, and to effect every social class, race and culture. Alcohol and substance abuse is highly correlated with school problems, work problems, financial problems, relationship problems, crimes for profit, violent crimes, suicide, traffic accidents resulting in injuries and death, and debilitating health problems. 

Individuals may begin using alcohol or substances for any number of reasons. Teens may be trying to fit in with peers. Some substances may provide temporary relief or distractions from unwelcomed emotions. Other substances may have initially been taken to control pain after an accident or surgery. In some cases people's alcohol or drug use started on a recreational basis. 

Over time, the occasional or recreational use of alcohol or drugs escalated frequently resulting with the individual developing a psychological dependence or physical addiction to the substances. 

The individual usually becomes motivated to address their substance abuse when they are faced with health, relationship or legal problems associated with their abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. In our office we provide:

Supportive Psychotherapy

Risk Management

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